Sustainable Future:
Prospects and challenges
of the Energy sector
Cooperation with the Just In Case organization, with the objective of highlighting the potential and challenges of the energy sector, as well as the opportunities that are offered by the green transition. Discussion Overview
ESG: The challenge facing
the Greek economy
A seminar that focused on the understanding of ESG criteria, the legislation that affects them, as well as the importance of incorporating them by corporations. Moreover, the inclusion of ESG topics in the Greek tertiary system were examined. The event took place on the 17th of March, in the Small Stockmarket of Athens. Discussion Overview

The scientific seminars of the Sustainable Future aim to educate the broad audience on the contemporary topics of Sustainability and ESG. These seminars offer youth the opportunity to be informed holistically on the developments in the Sustainability sector by representatives of institutions, the market and academia. The seminars’ structure promotes an active dialogue between the experts and the audience, as  strong emphasis is given on the Q&A Session of each panel.


The scientific seminars of the Sustainable Future began in March, 2023 as a continuation of the Get Involved objective to inform and educate on the issues of Sustainability and ESG. The team of Get Involved has been addressing Sustainability topics since 2020 with the conduct and publication of two studies titled “Sustainability Literacy and Perspectives”. These studies looked into the relationship between the perspectives of the Greek youth aged 18 to 29, for Sustainability topics, and some objective criteria, such as age, gender, scientific background, and knowledge of Sustainability issues. The combined results of these studies highlighted the significant interest of the youth in Sustainability topics, the degree to which they deem them important, and a noteworthy cognitive deficiency in the domestic and international socio economic reality of these issues. For this reason, in 2021 the team of Get Involved decided to actively engage in informing the broad audience about the most significant developments in the ESG ecosystem and on October 2021 published the first issue of ESG Insights, which followed the structure of an index and contained definitions and agreements of the ESG and Sustainability sector. Since November 2021, the ESG Insights newsletter has been published on a monthly basis with the objective of informing the broad audience on the most significant developments in the ESG ecosystem in Greece and internationally.


The scientific seminars of the Sustainable Future have been contributing to the knowledge and know-how the team of Get Involved has assimilated by addressing the issues of Sustainability and ESG since 2020. With these seminars the education of the youth, regardless of their scientific background, is achieved in conjunction with an opportunity to have dynamic discussions with acclaimed experts.

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