Sustainable Future Events Aiming to raise awareness Aiming to offer holistic and broader education on ESG issues, Get Involved since 2023 has been organizing scientific seminars with the participation of representatives of the institutions, the markets and the academia. Click Here For More ESG Insights One of the first Greek ESG Newsletters, which is published on a monthly basis and contains some of the most significant developments in the ESG ecosystem both in Greece and internationally. Click Here For More

Sustainable Future is a holistic initiative that aims to inform and educate university students and graduates about the developments and the issues of Sustainability and ESG. The Sustainable Future has two main pillars: 1. the ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness newsletter that is published on a monthly basis, and 2. the organization of scientific seminars covering various dimensions of Sustainability and ESG.

ESG Insights was launched in October 2021 in collaboration with Velos Advisory with a view to providing information on the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem, both in Greece and internationally. The published issues cover decisions, initiatives, research, and more general developments regarding regulators, supranational organizations, countries, and corporations. The reader via ESG Insights can be comprehensively informed about the most important ESG developments.

The scientific seminars of the Sustainable Future aim to educate the youth on the challenges and opportunities that arise from green transitioning, as well as the developments concerning the best practices and policies in place that are formed internationally. The scientific seminars began in March 2023 and are interdisciplinary initiatives, as evident from the scientific diversity of the speakers and the audience.

Apart from the two main pillars of the Sustainable Future, Get Involved aims to find novel ways to continuously and efficiently inform on the significant issues of Sustainability and ESG.  So far In 2023, the ESG Insights has been distributed monthly to a list of over 850 members, while the two scientific seminars had a total audience of 361 university students and graduates.

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