Sustainable Future Events Aiming to raise awareness Aiming to offer holistic and broader education on ESG issues, Get Involved since 2023 has been organizing scientific seminars with the participation of representatives of the institutions, the markets and the academia. Click Here For More ESG Insights One of the first Greek ESG Newsletters, which is published on a monthly basis and contains some of the most significant developments in the ESG ecosystem both in Greece and internationally. Click Here For More

Sustainable Future, a dynamic initiative by Get Involved, is dedicated to educating and empowering university students and graduates with comprehensive insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Sustainability and ESG. Our multifaceted approach includes the use of different tools, such as educational materials, newsletters and events, all dedicated to transmit knowledge from the academia, the institutions, and the market towards the university students and beyond.

At the heart of our initiative lie three pillars:

1. Scientific Seminars: Our interdisciplinary seminars, inaugurated in March 2023, serve as dynamic forums for knowledge exchange and empowerment. Designed to educate and inform the youth, these seminars explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in green transitioning, while also spotlighting best practices and policies from around the world. Featuring a diverse lineup of esteemed speakers and engaging dialogue sessions, our seminars foster a collaborative environment where participants can deepen their understanding and drive meaningful change on the complex and ever-changing environment of ESG and Sustainability.

2. ESG Intelligence: ESG Intelligence is dedicated to advancing ESG and Sustainability literacy through comprehensive research and active engagement with diverse stakeholders, particularly focusing on the perspectives of the youth in Greece youth voices. Our latest initiative, “ESG & Sustainability Youth Perspectives,” is an innovative approach in ESG Literacy as it actively seeks insights directly from university students and graduates in Greece, to better understand the role of universities, corporations, and institutions in addressing ESG and Sustainability concerns. This initiative involves an in-depth questionnaire designed to foster active dialogue and empower the voices of the youth, ultimately strengthening partnerships across stakeholders. Building upon the findings of previous studies, including the “Sustainable Literacy and Perspectives” studies, ESG Intelligence aims to enhance sustainable awareness through impactful information dissemination and regular updates on ESG developments.

3. ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness: Launched in October 2021 in collaboration with Velos Advisory, ESG Insights is an ESG newsletter that informs on the most significant developments within the ESG ecosystem, in Greece and abroad. Our monthly publications delve into pivotal decisions, pioneering initiatives, cutting-edge research, and overarching trends shaping the regulatory, corporate, and international spheres. With ESG Insights, readers gain a holistic understanding of the pivotal issues driving sustainability forward.
In addition to these pillars, the Sustainable Future initiative is driven by a commitment to innovation and inclusive access to information for all people. By continuously exploring novel avenues for education and engagement, we strive to ensure that our initiatives remain accessible and impactful for all.

At Get Involved, we believe that education is the cornerstone of progress. Building upon the groundwork laid since 2017 we have sought to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

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