Polymnia and Conference Experience

Get Involved developed the platform Polymnia so as to invest in digital learning and generally in the education process. The new conditions that have prevailed globally demand innovative solutions so as to maintain the interactive character of an educational conference.

When setting up Polymnia, we took into account the specific features of the conference, as we do not just require the presence of the participants, but we deem necessary the digital transformation of the experiential learning and the assurance of the high frequency of the participants interaction, as well.

Polymnia & User

That is why, Polymnia is an interactive platform in which each user creates his/her personal profile, connects/links it to his/her social media, posts material and has access to the study guides listed by the organizational committee. Furthermore, the possibility of communication with all the participants is ensured and the possibility of making video calls as well as that of processing documents in real time are integrated.

Polymnia has been designed so as to be the exclusive medium where the 4th Simulation Conference of European Central Bank will take place and its administrators are the representatives of Get Involved.

The reason why we have decided to use this platform instead of the already existing one is to ensure and maintain the high quality of the Conference which Get Involved has been offering over time even in the era of Covid-19. Thanks to the use of this platform the participants’ communication, connection and networking as well as the smooth conduct of the Conference are ensured.

Why Polymnia;

In Ancient Greece, Polymnia was acknowledged as the Muse of the Hymns and of divine sounds and later she came to symbolize the learning ability (deriving from poly (a lot of) and mneia (reference). In the later Roman times, Polymnia was considered the patron of mimicry. Therefore, taking into consideration the learning process itself and how we began to learn, we came up with the Aristotelian approach regarding it. Everyone starts learning through imitation of behaviours and reactions. The grouping of behaviours into good and productive and bad and detrimental ones come afterwards through habit, logic and experience.

So, Polymnia it is because we are trying, once again, to approach the learning process during which people try to learn through experience.

Through the interactive platform Polymnia, Get Involved team aims not only to give a comprehensive outlook on the issues under discussion but also to enable participants to shape their own outlook on these.

Polymnia’s philosophy are the participants themselves:

  • By getting the widest possible range of information,
  • By interacting with highly qualified and experienced people on the issues under discussion,
  • and by discussing among them, the participants are led to having in -depth scientific views.

Besides, in this Aristotelian approach of Polymnia, each participant contributes to the shaping of the final truth drawing from common arguments.

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