Our Structure

Get Involved’s goal is to continuously develop our team’s skills and improve the quality of our projects. To achieve this goal, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the efficient operation of the organization, and as a result a series of processes and departments have been developed to efficiently run our day-to-day operations and once-a-year projects.

At Get Involved there are four departments and four ranks of associates. The departments were formed to cover the needs and work on the day-to-day operations of the team. They are the following: Operations Department, Scientific Department, Marketing & Communications Department and Legal Department. The ranking system is based on the experience and familiarity of our team members with our team’s processes, culture, and modus operandi. The four different ranks are: Scientific Associate, Senior Associate, Associate and Junior Associate.

Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for ensuring smooth operations and communication between all Get Involved associates and departments. Its main responsibilities are the development and maintenance of process records for all activities of the organization. In addition, the department is charged with ensuring the effective and direct, horizontal and vertical communication in the organization. Finally, it is responsible for developing and overseeing the corporate image towards all stakeholders, mainly through the development of articles and website content.

Legal Department

The Legal Department is responsible for the proper operation of Get Involved based on the legal framework that it is obliged to follow as a legal entity. Its main responsibility is to ensure that all the organization’s procedures are in line with existing legislative requirements. Concurrently, it protects the intellectual property rights of Get Involved and its projects. Finally, it is responsible for the continued monitoring and updating of the company’s Corporate Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].

Scientific Department

Get Involved’s Scientific Department is responsible for preparing, researching, and authoring the Intelligence projects, specifically the Synopsis of the Economic Bulletin of the ECB, and the ESG Insights.

The workload is comparatively higher than that of the other departments, but can be adjusted depending on the number of projects each member is involved in. As an indication, the average gap between two publications within a single project can be between two and six weeks.

Marketing Department

Get Involved’s Marketing Department is divided into two teams. The first team is Content Creation & Social Media Management which is responsible for developing our team’s and projects’ image. More specifically, it develops the graphics and the explanatory passages used both on social media and on Get Involved’s website, builds new channels of communication with our stakeholders, and seeks to continuously improve our corporate image.

Over the years Get Involved has developed strategic partnerships with institutions, businesses and student/youth organizations. The second team called Corporate Communications is responsible for maintaining and strengthening these strategic relationships with various stakeholders. Moreover, the team is constantly looking for new partnerships that will help create added value to Get Involved’s projects and its external partners.

Scientific Associate

Scientific Associates are charged with in-depth involvement and general oversight of all scientific aspects of various projects within the organization. Scientific Associates participate in all Intelligence projects through the supervision of materials to be published. The management team trusts the Scientific Associates to the utmost degree, supports their work and contributions, and works closely with them on individual projects.

Senior Associates

Senior Associates are assigned a role of extended involvement and supervision regarding the work of the team they are part of. For example, in projects such as the ECB Simulation Conference, they manage the organizing committee and undertake preparatory calls with the participants. The management team trusts the Senior Associates to the utmost degree, supports their work and contributions, and works closely with them on individual projects.

Associates of such rank have made significant contributions to the organization, and therefore the management team believes that it, along with these Associates are the members best suited to pass on Get Involved’s culture to new members.


The Associates staff the Get Involved working groups and are able to make suggestions, with the help of the Management team and the Senior Associates, on existing projects or bring new project ideas to the table. Through their participation in projects and by working with Senior Associates they gain better insight into how the team works, while at the same time they improve upon a number of soft and hard skills. Associates have a solid understanding of the projects and the operation of Get Involved, having participated in several Get Involved projects.

Junior Associates

The Junior Associates position is the entry level rank and the beginning of the associate’s journey with Get Involved. After having discussed their placement in a team with the Management Team, the Associate has the opportunity to work on various projects with other members. They are trained in the corporate activity of Get Involved and will work directly with Senior Associates and Associates.

This position is the starting point of the overall cooperation between the new associate and the organization. A positive performance and fit at this level will determine the next steps of the cooperation. By familiarizing themselves with the processes, culture and modus operandi of the team, they will be able to participate in a wider variety of projects, while also enjoying greater creative freedom.