Our Initiatives

Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank

The annual Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank for students, unique at pan-European level, is the main event of Get Involved. The ECB Simulation Conference is the only student conference that aims to educate young students of Economics, Law and European studies on contemporary economic issues and the importance of monetary policy in our daily lives.

The ECB Simulation Conference lasts four days and the participants take on the positions of central bankers and consultants, representing a specific member state of the Eurozone. In 2020, the ECB Simulation Conference was included in the event calendar of the European Central Bank under the ECB Listens program.

Get Involved Intelligence

Get Involved, in the context of achieving the objectives of economic literacy, interdisciplinarity and education of university students, has developed a set of initiatives focused on presenting in a simple and comprehensive way the most important facts and data in many sectors. Get Involved Intelligence consists of three distinctive projects, namely the ESG Insights, the Synopsis of the Economic Bulletin of the ECB, and the Infographics Projects.

Economic Definitions Index

The Economic Definitions Index was developed by Get Involved in order to become a modern tool for a better understanding of complex and not complex economic terms, regardless of the scientific background and the level of knowledge of the reader. The second edition includes 138 financial terms, which have been developed to be comprehensible to the public and to cover several “textures” of the economic science, from 9 subject areas.

The 9 subject areas covered in the updated edition of the Economic Definitions Index are as follows: General Economic Terms, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Economic framework of the EU and the ECB, Money and Currency, Types of Markets and Securities, Financial Reporting, Structure, Organization and Operations of Enterprises and Types of Companies.

Past Events

The aspiration for approaching the contemporary economic issues with interdisciplinarity is a fundamental goal for Get Involved. For this reason, Get Involved team organizes a number of events for the holistic presentation of these issues using scientific seminars and workshops, with the participation of distinguished academics, institutional representatives as well as acclaimed professionals.

In this section you can find more info about our past events.