Sustainable Future III:
Powering the Future of Energy,
Supply Chain and Finance
The third Sustainable Future seminar aims to help the audience understand the current reality and existing challenges shaped by ESG drivers in the energy, supply chain and finance sectors. Click Here for More Information
ECB Simulation Conference Innovate, Transform And Lead The yearly and European unique, Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank for university students is the main initiative of Get Involved. Click Here For More Impact Report 2022 - 2023 The Impact Report presents Get Involved’s most noteworthy developments that took place in the academic year of 2022 - 2023, using quantitative and qualitative data, as well as discloses our next steps. Click Here For More Economic Definitions Index It was developed for the promotion of economic literacy in the broad audience.
It contains 9 examined topics and 138 definitions, covering a broad spectrum of economic science.
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Get Involved is a non-profit youth-led organization founded in 2017 with the objective to promote and broaden financial education for university students and graduates in Greece. We serve as a social platform that is bridging the gap between institutions, the market, academia, and youth. Our initiatives to achieve this include scientific conferences, seminars, and various projects that aim to inform and educate our audience about the holistic picture of the issues we examine. We have two initiative pillars.
The Financial Literacy pillar consists of programs designed to build our audience’s competencies around contemporary economic challenges and opportunities. This pillar includes the ECB Simulation Conference for university students -our flagship initiative- and the Economic Definitions Index (EDI). The Conference aims to educate participants on contemporary economic developments in the Eurozone and promote the ECB’s role in the European economy. EDI is our main tool for promoting economic literacy to a wider audience and contains 138 economic terms from 9 thematic sections.
The “umbrella” of Sustainable Future includes all our initiatives that educate and inform on ESG and Sustainability. This pillar includes a variety of initiatives such as events, educational materials, and surveys, their combination results in cultivating ESG awareness and encouraging an active discussion between institutions, academia, and the market with the youth.

Get Involved is not just its initiatives; our people are in the center of our organization. To achieve our goals, we are honored to collaborate with distinguished professors and professionals, as well as to have some of the most active and engaged university students and graduates.

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