Getting to know Get Involved

Get Involved is a non-profit youth-led initiative founded in 2017 that serves as a social platform to bridge the gap between institutions, the market, academia, and youth in Greece. Our goal is to promote economic education through an interdisciplinary approach.

To achieve our goals, we develop various initiatives, such as scientific conferences, seminars, and reports, targeted at university students and graduates. Through these initiatives, we aspire to communicate our values and offer added value to participants. We use multiple channels to engage with our audience and ensure that our initiatives meet their needs and expectations. All of our initiatives provide a holistic examination of the explored topic.

Get Involved is not just its initiatives; our people are the heart of the organization. Our Associates Team shares the same values and the drive to actively contribute to the team’s objectives. To better communicate this commitment we have developed and published a Culture Deck, which highlights our team’s core principles.


Our Initiatives:

ECB Simulation Conference: The ECB Simulation Conference is an educational program that aims to enhance university students’ understanding of the role of the ECB and inform them about contemporary economic issues. It is based on the competencies of the ECB Governing and General Councils. The Conference has been held annually since 2017 and lasts four days.

The Conference has been supported by various institutional and corporate organizations, such as the Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Bank Association. In 2020, the Simulation findings were included -via the ECB Listens programme- in the first review of the ECB strategy for the first time in 18 years.

To better prepare conference participants, the team of Get Involved prepares analytical study materials and organizes pre-conference calls to familiarize participants with the conference structure and context. Since 2020, we have disclosed the Conference Findings, which summarize the participants’ ideas, proposals, and concerns.

Sustainable Future: Sustainable Future initiative aims to inform and educate university students and graduates on the developments and topics of Sustainability and ESG. Sustainable Future has two main pillars: the ESG Insights – Impactful Awareness newsletter that is published on a monthly basis and the organization of scientific seminars covering various dimensions of Sustainability and ESG.

ESG Insights was launched in October 2021 in collaboration with Velos Advisory with a view to informing on the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem, both in Greece and internationally. Since its launch, the newsletter has examined more than 300 developments from 146 organizations in 20 countries.

The scientific seminars of the Sustainable Future aim to educate the youth on the challenges and opportunities that arise from green transitioning, as well as the developments concerning the best practices and policies in place that are formed internationally. The scientific seminars began in March 2023 and are interdisciplinary initiatives.

Economic Definitions Index: The Economic Definitions Index (EDI) is one of the main tools of Get Involved in promoting economic literacy to a broader audience. Its current version includes 9 thematic sections and 138 economic terms. Apart from the EDI we are finding new ways and approaches to communicate the included economic terms, using new versions of the existing Index as well as taking advantage of our social media platforms.


Our Values:

Get Involved culture and values safeguard our ability to achieve our goals in our own way. Our culture is made up of our team’s values, principles, and aspirations. To increase our team’s accountability to these values and principles, we have developed and disclosed a Culture Deck. The key principles of our Culture Deck are:

  1. Channel of Communication: To serve as a communication channel between the institutions, the market, the academia and university students and graduates.
  2. Holistic Development of Topics: The topics we examine in our initiatives should be examined multilaterally by presenting the perspectives of all stakeholders (institutions, market and academia).
  3. We Are Our People: Get Involved is not just about its initiatives, but also about its associates who are the heart of our organization and culture.
  4. Parallel Growth: Get Involved is developing as our associates evolve, and our associates grow as Get Involved evolves.
  5. Developing Scientific Curiosity: To offer the necessary stimuli to our audience so that they can continue researching the examined topics.
  6. Transparency and Independence: Our independence guarantees the objective and holistic approach to promoting economic education. By being transparent, we guarantee our independence.
  7. Meritocracy and Transparency: Our associates are assessed on the basis of their contribution to our initiatives and their work is disclosed to the public.
  8. Added Value: Our aim is to provide novel ideas and proposals instead of recycling existing ones, thus, developing added value through our work.
  9. Pluralism and Collectivity: In Get Involved, we do not have individual successes or failures; we only have collective results.
  10. Developing Multiple Skills: To achieve the goals of a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to the examined topics, our team members have to be active ambassadors of these principles.