Getting to know Get Involved

Get Involved was founded in 2017 and is a youth-led initiative for the promotion of economic literacy through an interdisciplinary approach and contemporary experimental learning methods. Our aspiration is to serve as a communication channel between institutions, academia, corporations, and the youth. To achieve this, we have developed a series of initiatives, partnerships, and a unique culture.


Get Involved Initiatives:

The ECB Simulation Conference, the only one at the pan-European level, serves as the Get Involved main initiative and is held, since 2017, annually in December. It is one of the most important conferences for university students -of all academic levels- and graduates, with economic, legal, and international relations backgrounds, which aims to inform and educate on the contemporary economic issues of the Euro Area as well as on the importance of the Monetary Policy in everyday life and of the ECB in the real economy. Since 2019, it has been supported and hosted by the Bank of Greece and since 2021 by the Hellenic Banking Association among others.
The ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness is a monthly ESG newsletter that is developed and published with the cooperation of Velos Advisory. It reports on the most important ESG developments, both domestic and international. It includes developments that derive from financial regulators, governmental bodies, the most significant investors, and corporations. Its first issue was published in November 2021, and since then more than 200 developments have been reported.
The Economic Definition Index [EDI] is a contemporary tool that includes and explains a significant volume of economic definitions to a broad audience. Since 2021, two versions of the EDI have been developed, which cover 138 economic concepts from 9 examined topics. Get Involved, apart from the development and publication of the EDI, aims, with strategic partnerships, to maximize its reach as well as the audience to whom the EDI is addressed.
To achieve the goal of promoting economic literacy in an interactive way, Get Involved has undertaken a number of initiatives, such as the organization of scientific events, the writing of the Economic Definitions Index, and the organization of workshops. At the same time, calibrating our plan in the context of digital transformation, we developed the Polymnia digital platform, which acts as an internal social networking and communication tool for the participants in order to host online events.


Our Values:

Get Involved principles revolve around the promotion of teamwork, meritocracy, and the growth of individuals and their ideas through healthy cooperation and mutual respect. Believing in the concept of diversity, Get Involved team consists of people from different scientific backgrounds, recognizing the added value of a different approach. What unites the group is the members’ common aspiration to contribute to society and empower young scientists.
The main pillar of Get Involved strategy is the continuous and parallel development of both the organization and its members. At the same time, its vertical and horizontal operation ensures a holistic approach and involvement of the members in its projects.


Openness And Partnerships:

A key pillar of Get Involved culture is the development of strategic partnerships to continuously improve its footprint.
Get Involved consults the members of its Advisory Board, which consists of distinguished academics and professionals, for all of its initiatives and projects.
Finally, Get Involved projects have been recognized by institutional bodies and the market. In particular, the 6th Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank was recognized and supported by the Bank of Greece, the Hellenic Banking Association, the Master’s Program of International Negotiations of AUEB, the National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, and HLSA.