Past Events(EN)

The fundamental goal of Get Involved is to highlight contemporary economic issues to university students of all levels. To achieve this goal various means and approaches have been and are used. With Get Involved Events, we aim to organize events that not only focus on the participants but also to present a holistic view of the issues under examination. Get Involved has held scientific conferences and workshops in Athens, Salonica and online.

To make sure we have the best quality and scientific accuracy, in these events are present:

  • Eminent academics
  • People from the market
  • Representatives of institutions


You will find some of our events below:

Crypto Day

On May 12th, 2018, the first Get Involved event took place at the Benizelon mansion  at 96 Adrianou Street in Plaka. The topic of the event was the degree to which cryptocurrencies and the technology they use would affect the future of the economy and of the markets. The topic was highlighted with the participation among others of academics of Finance and Law schools and a representative of the Capital Market and founder of the first Greek cryptocurrency, the Oceanus Coin.

More analytically the speakers on Crypto Day were:

Michael Mersinis, lawyer of the capital market committee

Nikos Philippas, professor of Finance in Pireus University, Founder of the Financial Literacy Institute

Emmanuel Tzagarakis, professorat the Faculty of Economics in Patra University

Nikos Kostopoulos, CEO and Founder of Oceanus Foundation

Anastasios Gourgourinis, lecturer at aAthens Law School

Anthony Ballis, consultant at Critical Future

George Moratis, post -doctorate researcher at the Athens Economics University.

Student Day – Early Career Planning

On March 15th, 2019, Get Involved with the support of Finance Club UniPi organized its first Career Day. It was held in the Orange Amphitheatre in the University of Piraeus with the participation of 300 students from 10 universities and 16 faculties. Representatives of companies, institutions and youth organizations took part in this event .

During the event, the white papers of participant companies were presented as well as the desired requirements for eligibility in the contemporary job market. Some of the most active student organizations in Greece were also presented highlighting how they could contribute to the acquisition of important experience and qualifications in demand in the job market .

Ethniki Insurance, Piraeus Bank, the CFA Institute, the IFFR Institute, MK CareerChoices as well as the organizations of Get Involved, JobFair Athens, AIESEC and Finance Club of University of Piraeus took part in this Student Day-Early Career Planning.

The Contemporary Aspects of the Economic and Energy Policies of the EU

On April 12th,2019 Get Involved in cooperation with the Finance club of the University of Macedonia organized its second seminar in Salonica. The event took place in the amphitheatre of KEDEA. The topics of the seminar were the contemporary aspects of the economic and energy policies of the European Union and the role of the initiatives undertaken by universities for lifelong learning and the development of science.

The schedule of the event was as follows:

1st panel: The role of central banks in the funding for the transition to an  free- carbon economy  and the single energy market.

Eftychios Sartzetakis, Economics Dep. of University of Macedonia

Karatzoglou Benjamin, Economics Dep. of University of Macedonia

Chrysomallis Michael, Law School of University of Thessaloniki

2nd panel: The importance of the initiatives undertaken by universities for the lifelong learning and the growth of science

Angelopoulos Vasilis, President and Co-founder of Get Involved

Papadopoulou Olga, President of Finance Club of University of Macedonia

Representative of TEDxAuth

3rd panel: The future of economic union at a political level and the role of Greece in Europe today

Mardas Dimitrios, Economics Dep. of University of Macedonia , ex-Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs , ex- Deputy Minister of Economics, Member of Parliament from SYRIZA

Zarotiadis Grigoris, Dean of Economics School of University of Thessaloniki, Candidate Mayor of Thessaloniki

Get to know studies in Banking & Financial Management

The connection between secondary and tertiary education is an important pursuit of Get Involved. That is why, on March 4th, 2020, in conjunction with Banking and Finance Department of University of Piraeus and the Arsakeio Tositseio organized the event “Get to know studies in Banking and Financial Management”

During the event, the students of Arsakeio Ekali and Patra got to know the department, got useful information on the Economics studies and the opportunities they have, in parallel with their university studies, to gain useful experience and to enrich their CVs.

Get Involved was represented by its President Vasilis Angelopoulos, whereas the Department of Finance and Banking by the professor George Skiadopoulos.

e-Democracy Project

To have correct answers, correct questions must be asked. Following, this principle, Get Involved and UN SDSN Youth Greece cooperated for the organization of their first online conference the “e-Democracy Project” on April 25th, 2020. The aim of the e-Democracy Project was to highlight the problems and the challenges that emerged due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the fields of Economics, Political Science and Public Health. Principles and methods of experimental and interdisciplinary learning were followed throughout the online conference.

The participants were students of Economics, Law and other departments and they were divided into three committees: the committee of Economics, the committee of Political Sciences and that of Public Health. A study guide was sent to each participant in which certain facts were cited and the questions ensuing from them were posed. Although the study guides of each committee were different, they followed the similar topics. The main topics highlighted were: the relationship between the state and the private sector, the impact of digital technology on the fight against the pandemic and its potential dangers and the role of supranational associations in the Covid 19 era.

The participants played an important role in the success of the conference. Regardless of their academic background, they contributed with their knowledge and their perceptions on the issues examined, analysing in numerous cases complicated and technical issues. They proved that even in difficult phases, the young have a say and can contribute positively to, at least, the dialogue about the future.

University Insights

On May 22nd, 2021, the online event “University Insights: Students talk about their departments”, with the aim of connecting secondary and tertiary education, took place. During the event, high-school students were informed by undergraduates and graduates about a great number of departments of the top universities in Athens. Specifically, departments of the University of Piraeus, of the Economics University of Athens, of the National Kapodistriako University of Athens and Pandeio University were presented.

For the sake of efficiency, the departments were grouped in five workshops so that the students could be better informed about the differences and particularities of departments. Following a comprehensive presentation of the departments, the students were given the chance to ask questions to the speakers of each department. Twenty high-schools, mainly from Athens, took part in the event.

The course of Monetary Policy in the Eurozone during the pandemic

On 25th October 2021, the Get Involved team in collaboration with Finance Club UniPi held the online event titled: “The course of Monetary Policy in the Eurozone during the pandemic”.

The main topics of discussion at the event were, the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism, the interrelationship between Monetary and Fiscal Policy and the monetary tools used to fight inflationary pressures in the context of the New Normal. These issues were analysed by Antonis Ballis, Teaching Fellow, Aston Business School, Aston University and Panteleimon Karamalis, PhD Fellow at the UCD School of Economics.

In total 140 participants attended the online event, most of whom were students of the University of Piraeus. At the end of the event, the two teams presented their future projects which participants could take part in. More specifically, Get Involved presented the much-anticipated 5th European Central Bank Simulation Conference, followed by a Q&A session.

International Trade and International Investment: Significance and Contemporary Challenges

On Saturday, October 23, Get Involved in collaboration with the team of the Law School of NKUA, Just in Case, held the online event entitled: “International Trade and International Investment: Significance and Contemporary Challenges”.

The main topics of discussion were the trends in the development of international economic law, the operation of “due diligence defense” in the context of bidding in the American legal market, the possible conflict between the international obligation to enforce an arbitral award and compliance with the EU prohibition on state aid., corruption and the investment process and smart funds (Smart Contracts in Blockchain) and contractual freedom in modern international trading practice. The above topics were developed, respectively, by Mr. Gortsos Ch., Professor of Public Economic Law at the Law School of EKPA and President of the Academic Council, European Banking Institute (EBI), Mr. Dafermos L., US Associate, Global Capital Markets Milbank LLP, Mr. Kyriazis D., Lawyer of Athens, Doctor of Law at the University of Oxford and Research fellow in Law at the New College of the Humanities in London, Ms. Papanastasiou A., PhD (Cand) at the University of Cambridge and Associate, Three Crowns LLP (London) and Mr. Spyridonos A., Doctor of Law with a specialization in Commercial Law and author of various books and studies.

In total, the event was organized by 17 people and the online participants were 171. During and at the end of the event, time was given for questions. In fact, both groups presented their actions and, in particular, Get Involved focused on the 5th Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank.