Become An Associate

Get Involved, Civil Non-Profit Company, was founded in October 2017, and from when has developed a number of procedures and operations. It is a youth-led initiative which main objective is the interdisciplinary promotion of economic education, using contemporary and experimental approach to education.

The main pillars of our initiatives are (for more please press here):

  • The -only in pan-European level- Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank for university students.
  • The Intelligence initiatives, which are the scientific reports published by the scientific team of Get Involved.
  • The organization of various scientific seminars and workshops.

Our Values

Get Involved’s principles revolve around the promotion of teamwork, meritocracy and the growth of individuals and their ideas through healthy cooperation and mutual respect. Believing in the concept of diversity, Get Involved’s team is made up of people from different scientific backgrounds, recognizing the added value of a different approach. What unites the group is the members’ common aspiration to contribute to society and to empower young scientists.

The main pillar of Get Involved’s strategy is the continuous and parallel development of both the organization and its members. At the same time, its vertical and horizontal operation ensures a holistic approach and involvement of the members in its projects.

Profiling our associates

Get Involved team is consisted of university students of all levels (undergraduates and master’s degree students), young professionals and Ph.D. candidates. The most frequent scientific backgrounds of the team are from economic, legal and international studies.

Our Proposal

Position: Junior Associate

The position of Junior Associate is the entry point for the cooperation with Get Involved. A Junior Associate can participate in the overall workings of the team, of course with respect to his/her availability and her/his interest. The position of Junior Associate guarantees that the new team member, will always be supported by at least one Senior Associate in all the procedures and initiatives he/she contributes.

This position and the performance of the Junior Associate will play paramount importance in the development with her/his cooperation with the team. By learning the procedures, the culture and the modus operandi of Get Involved, the new associate will be able to contribute to a greater number of initiatives, and also to enjoy a greater level of freedom.

Junior Associates are cooperating with Get Involved in a voluntary manner.


Scientific Department

Get Involved’s Scientific Department is responsible for the preparation, the research and the writing of the Intelligence initiatives, namely the Synopsis of the Economic Bulletin and the ESG Insights.

The workload of the Scientific Department is comparably heavier than the other departments, but it can be adjusted as it is affected by the number of initiatives an associate participates. More precisely, the average duration between the publication of an initiative can be from four to six weeks.

Marketing Department

Get Involved’s Marketing Department is divided into two teams. The first team is Content Creation & Social Media Management which is responsible for the promotion of our initiatives and improving our branding. More specifically, it develops the graphic designs and the explanatory passages used both on social media and on Get Involved’s website, it develops our communication channels with our stakeholders and aims to constantly improve our organization image.

The second team is Corporate Communications which is responsible for the communication and the creation of strategic synergies of Get Involved with its various stakeholders. Get Involved has developed synergies with institutional organizations, corporations and university/youth organizations. The team is also responsible for retaining the relationships with our partners, but also to find new potential partners that will contribute to the creation of added value to Get Involved’s initiatives.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for cooperating with Get Involved is simple and is always open. The only thing an applicant has to do is to go the application form and to fill some personal information, to attach her/his CV (in PDF format) and to write a motivational letter on why he/she wishes to become a member of Get Involved (the management takes into great consideration the applicant’s motivational letter).

After submitting the application, the applicant will be contacted from a Get Involved associate informing her/him about the progress of his/her application. If the progress of the application is positive, a video meeting is scheduled (from Google Meets or Zoom) with the management team and a Get Involved associate from the Department of Operations. Finally, if there is positive development in the video meeting as well, then the applicant is informed for his/her inclusion in the Get Involved team, as well as her/his department and his/her responsibilities.