Get Discussions III: 7th ECB Simulation Conference

Get Discussions III is a report that communicates the key takeaways of the 7th ECB Simulation Conference for university students. The conference took place from December 15th to 18th, 2023, at the amphitheatre of Karatzas Megaron of the National Bank of Greece (Training Day – December 15) and in the Troias Building of the Athens University of Economics and Business (December 16-18).
The topics that were discussed during the 7th ECB Simulation Conference included:

  • Interaction of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Inflation: causes and tools for tackling it
  • Monetary Policy: Its response and efficiency in a Perma-Crisis environment
  • ESG transformation in the financial sector and its challenges
  • Challenges of adopting a Digital Euro solution

The Conference was attended by 151 university students and graduates, mainly with backgrounds in economics (34,44%), law (32,45%) and international studies (17,22%). Conference findings are based on participants’ ideas and proposals on the examined topics.

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