Invitation to participate on a study: ESG & Sustainability Youth Perspectives

Since 2020, Get Involved has been actively engaging with ESG and Sustainability issues, by conducting research, publishing reports, and hosting five scientific seminars, where various aspects of the topic were examined. The research titled “ESG & Sustainability Youth Perspectives” marks the first initiative of ESG Intelligence, a strategic endeavor to strengthen the foundations of Sustainable Future initiatives.
This research delves into the perspectives of young Greek university students and graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, seeking to illuminate their insights on the role of universities, corporations, and institutions in addressing ESG and Sustainability concerns. The survey is conducted through a questionnaire, in Greek, with an estimated completion time of 2 to 3 minutes.
The primary purpose of the questionnaire is to initiate an active dialogue with young people, actively engaging with their perspectives about the aforementioned ESG and Sustainability topics. By gathering firsthand insights into their needs and concerns, we aim to empower their voices and establish a tool of communication for all Get Involved’s stakeholders (institutions, companies, academia, and young people). This collaborative approach will foster a deeper understanding and enhance partnerships through events, digital channels, and social media platforms.
The questionnaire consists of 20 “closed type” questions, divided into 3 parts. The first segment delves into general demographic details, including participants’ gender, age, and academic background. Additionally, it inquires about their preferred methods of acquiring knowledge on the examined ESG and Sustainability topics. The second section focuses on the role universities play in educating and informing students about these crucial issues. In this segment, how young people want to be educated and informed on these topics is also examined. The third and final segment examines the relationship between businesses, the labor market, and institutions in fostering ESG and Sustainability principles. Furthermore, the research assesses whether the national and European initiatives are sufficient and to what extent they can affect the completion of sustainable goals, as well as the promotion of ESG practices. Youth’s opinion is also requested regarding the effectiveness of these initiatives and practices. In the end, they are asked whether they are optimistic about the achievement of these objectives in the future.

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