Hellenic Bank Association supports the 7th ECB Simulation Conference

For the third consecutive year, the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) is among the most significant supporters of the ECB Simulation Conference!! 

HBA actively supports and contributes to the execution of the “Training Day” activities at the 7th ECB Simulation Conference, which will take place from December 15th to 18th. “Training Day” will be held on December 15th at the Megaron Karatzas Amphitheater at the National Bank of Greece, while the rest of the conference will be held at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) postgraduate programs building.

Through the conference, participants gain knowledge on contemporary economic issues, negotiating skills, and soft skills essential for the job market. They also expand their network by meeting other active young people from various scientific fields.


The topics that will be forming this year’s agenda are: 

  1. Interaction of Monetary and Fiscal Policy.
  2. Inflation: causes and tools for tackling it.
  3. Monetary Policy: Its response and efficiency in a Perma-Crisis environment.
  4. ESG transformation in the financial sector and its challenges.
  5. Challenges of adopting a Digital Euro solution.


HBA’s continuous support of the conference is a particularly honorable moment for “Get Involved,” as their long-standing presence in the field of disseminating economic education is a source of inspiration for the team. We invite you to participate in the 7th ECB Simulation Conference for students!


The deadline to apply for the ECB Simulation Conference is at the 12th of November, 2023:

  • To fill out the application form, press here.
  • For more information, press here.
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