Sustainable Future: Prospects and Challenges of the Energy sector

Our team is pleased to announce a new partnership between Get Involved and Just In Case, a student university legal organization, to co-organize the seminar: “Sustainable Future: Prospects and Challenges of the Energy Sector”.

The challenges of the green transformation of the economy, the transitioning to an economy of net zero CO2 emissions, and the developments shaping the international benchmarking and frameworks will be examined in depth in the Sustainable Future various seminars.

On 17th of March, 2023, in the first Sustainable Future seminar, the role of the banking institutions, the current legal framework, and the corporate transformation were examined. More specifically, the seminar emphasized the topics:

  • Adaptation of ESG criteria: the regulatory framework & the European and Domestic trends and future outlines.
  • ESG criteria and the transition of the European banking system.
  • The challenge of corporate ESG transformation.
  • Integration of ESG subjects in Greek universities’ curriculums.


In the second seminar on the Sustainable Future, the discussion will cover holistically the energy market and the role of the sector in the Sustainable Development of the economy. In the midst of the energy crisis, the rapid geopolitical developments, and the novel green trends the energy market has to transform. The objective of this seminar is that the audience to understand the prospects and the challenges of the energy sector.

The topics that will be covered aim to highlight the economic background of the energy market, the legal framework, and the prospects of green transformation.

📍 The seminar will take place on Friday 5th of May in the Amphitheater “Miltiadis Evert” in the Technopolis City of Athens and aspire to promote the discussion between an audience that will be consisted of university students and graduates and the speakers, who will represent the market, the regulators and the academia.

📌 Participation is free of cost./ Certificates of Participation will be given.

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