Agenda – ESG: The challenge facing the Greek economy

The event is an educational initiative of Get Involved aimed at understanding the key factors around ESG.
The project is supported by ESG Insights, an initiative of Get Involved with the support of Velos AdvisoryNational Bank of Greece and Motor Oil support the initiative as Diamond Sponsors, and Intracom Holdings as Gold Sponsor, while HELLENiQ ENERGY contributes as Event Supporter.

The event’s objective is to help students to understand ESG criteria, the regulatory framework surrounding them, and the importance of their adoption by businesses. With a focus on listed companies, emphasis will also be placed on the role of the financial system, the stock exchange, and national authorities in achieving social and environmental sustainability in combination with economic development – guided by ESG criteria.

Finally, the discussion will be directed towards exploring the possibilities of integrating ESG issues into the undergraduate and/or postgraduate curriculum of Greek universities through a dialogue between academics and students.

The event will take place on Friday 17 March at the Athens Small Stock Exchange (1 Pesmazoglou Street), courtesy of the National Bank of Greece.

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