Hellenic Banking Association support to the 6th ECB Simulation Conference

The Hellenic Bank Association for the second consecutive year is among the valuable supporters of the 6th ECB Simulation Conference for university students.

The Simulation Conference, organized by Get Involved, will take place from 9 to 12 December 2022 and will be held live in Athens, at the venues of the Bank of Greece (9/12), the Benaki Museum (10-11/12), and at the Serafio of the Municipality of Athens (12/12).

Through the procedures of the Conference, the participants will have the chance to gain insight into modern economic issues and obtain essential job market negotiation and soft skills, while having the opportunity to network with other active students from different scientific backgrounds.

The agenda of this year’s Conference consists of:

  1. Transmission channels of Monetary policy 
  2. Inflation (Types, Forms, Components, Historical Data, and Expectations)
  3. The Interaction of Fiscal and Monetary policy during the period of the pandemic and of geopolitical developments 
  4. Central Bank Digital Currency and Digital Euro

Our keynote speakers for this year will be Mr. Yannis Stournaras, Governor of the Bank of Greece, and Mr. Boris Vujčić, Governor of the Central Bank of Croatia.

The ECB Simulation Conference is also supported by the Bank of Greece and the M.Sc. Program in International Negotiations of the Department of International and European Economic Studies of the Athens University of Economics and Business, while during last year’s event there were representatives from the European Central Bank (to see the speakers of the 5th ECB Simulation Conference click here).

The 4th ECB Simulation Conference was included in the event calendar of the ECB for the year 2020, under the ECB Listens program (for more click here), while the findings of the 4th Conference are posted on the official website of the Bank of Greece (to visit the website click here).

The support of the Conference by the Hellenic Bank Association is a particularly honoring moment for Get Involved and we invite you to submit your application.

The deadline to submit application of interest is the 21st of October 2022:

→To submit your application click here

→For more information click here

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