Outlook of the 5th Conference

The 5th Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank (from now on the Conference) was held from 10 to 13 December 2021. The Conference was supported by the Bank of Greece, the Hellenic Banking Association, the Administrative Region of Attica, the Hellenic Development Bank, and the PwC of Greece. The Conference lasted four days, the first one being the Training Day and on the other three days, the main activities of the Conference took place.

The topics discussed in the 5th ECB Simulation Conference, after taking into consideration the Bank of Greece proposals, were:

  • The impact of ESG parameters on the financial system and the European Economy.
  • The challenges that Monetary Policy will face after the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic and its relationship with Fiscal Policy.
  • The challenges of the digital economy and specifically of the Digital Euro (Central Bank Digital Currency).


The Training Day was hosted, in a hybrid format, by the Bank of Greece. In this year’s procedures, apart from the Welcoming Panel, there were three more panels analyzing the examined topics. The Keynote speakers of the Welcoming Panel were Mr. Stournaras Ioannis, Governor of Bank of Greece, Mr. Ioannou Demosthenes, Senior Lead Economist in the European Central Bank, Mr. Psaltis Marios, CEO of PwC Greece, Ms. Apalagaki Charickleia, Secretary-General of the Hellenic Banking Association, Ms. Chatzipetrou Athina, CEO and Chair of BoD of the Hellenic Development Bank and Mr. Peppas Nikolaos, Deputy Regional Minister of Finance of Attica. To view the overall schedule and more information on the speakers, please press here.

In the following three days, the main activities of the 5th ECB Simulation Conference took place virtually, where the participants co-represented the nation member of the Euro Areas Central Bankers or Legal Counsels. The discussions and debates, as in each Conference, followed the Agenda, with which the decision-making procedure of the ECB’s Governing Council is simulated. The findings of the Conference are available in the “Get Discussions: 5th ECB Simulation Conference” report (to read it, please press here)

For the better preparation of the delegates, from the beginning of the pre-conference procedure, studying material, namely the Study Guide (the main document for the preparation of the participants), the Economic Definition Index of Get Involved, the country guides of all the nation members of the European Union and analytical tables of various economic, and non, indices, was sent to the participants. Before the start of the Conference, there were three pre-conference calls, during which the rules and the topics of the conference were presented by the Get Involved team. Lastly, the overall procedure of the Conference took place in the Get Involved platform Polymnia, which was developed in 2020 for hosting the Conference in the environment of SARS-Cov-2 pandemic.

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