Intelligence: Latest Updates

Issue 7 of the ESG Insights initiative contains some of the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem across the international and Greek spectrum, that took place in April 2022. In this month’s issue, supranational, national, and corporate developments aiming to achieve a more environmentally sustainable future are examined.

The new project the Infographics Projects concerns the quality of life of the citizens of the European Union (hereinafter EU), which can be defined as the degree to which an individual is healthy and can participate in life events. In the first issue, the quality of employment is analyzed through the following indicators: Job Satisfaction, Employees’ Long Working Hours, as well as the difference in working hours between employed and self-employed, and the proportion of low-wage employees to total employees (excluding interns).

The Economic Bulletin of the European Central Bank is one of its most important communication tools, as it presents the economic data and developments of the euro area and of its external environment that are taken into consideration in the decision-making processes of the Governing Council. Each Economic Bulletin is published two weeks after the Governing Council announcements; thus, it is published every six weeks and eight times per year in total. The current Synopsis of the Economic Bulletin covers the decisions made by the Governing Council on April 14th, 2022. The presented information derives from research made by the staff of ECB and was published on April 28th, 2022, covering the timeframe from March 10th, 2021, to April 13th, 2022.

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