Economic Definitions Index

Get Involved, true to its goal of promoting economic literacy, has developed the Economic Definitions Index to update and clarify a large volume of financial terms and information.
The first edition of the index was published in April 2021, the National Financial Literacy Month in the United States of America, and it included 69 economic terms from 6 subject areas. This edition is the second one and it includes 138 financial terms from 9 subject areas. These terms have been developed to be comprehensible to the public and to cover several “textures” of the economic science.
The aim of the index is to become a source of information through which the reader will easily understand the terms included. The additions made to this edition analyze important concepts relating to businesses, such as the structure and the procedures they follow, the types of companies under Greek law, and financial terms as reflected in accounting books.
The 9 topics covered in the updated edition of the Index of Economic Terms are as follows: General Economic Terms, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Economic framework of the EU and the ECB, Money, and Currency, Types of Markets and Securities, Financial Reporting, Structure, Organization and Operations of Enterprises and Types of Companies.
In conclusion, our ambition is for the index to become a modern tool for a better understanding of complex and not complex economic terms, regardless of the scientific background and the level of knowledge of the reader.

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