Hellenic Development Bank Support at the 5th ECB Simulation Conference

Get Involved warmly thanks the Hellenic Development Bank for its support of the ECB Student Simulation Conference, as well as for endorsing this educational process, which aims to enhance students’ familiarity with the current challenges facing the financial system.

A few words about HDB:

The main purpose of the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) is to promote the sustainable and holistic development of the Greek economy. HDB’s central role is to act as a springboard for businesses to access banking finance in the face of market failures and to encourage targeted investment and alternative sources of financing by enhancing business competitiveness.

Today, the Hellenic Development Bank manages loans that already exceed 8 billion euros. In the range of its activities, the Hellenic Development Bank:

  • Designs and creates financial tools for the optimal channeling of both national and international funds.
  • Promotes innovation and digital transformation.
  • It supports the country’s businesses in their effort to internationalize while, at the same time, facilitating large investments in infrastructure.
  • It attracts funds aimed at economic growth and employment growth.


The Hellenic Development Bank – in the short but eventful period of the crisis caused by the pandemic – has proved to be a reliable body that acts as an effective partner of all international financial organizations that want to reach the Greek company, to help not only to survive but above all to develop in a new internationally competitive environment.

The financial products that we operate in the market are targeted, sectoral, or even in specific regions.

The targeted actions of the Hellenic Development Bank are constantly expanding. It actively participates in investment schemes, collaborates with internationally renowned universities, becomes a member of large banking associations, and continues to grow. The Hellenic Development Bank has the know-how and experience of rapid implementation of programs, as well as the ability to serve the needs of companies that aim to promote innovation and sustainable development in the post-pandemic crisis.


You will find more at https://www.hba.gr/

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