Announcement of the Bank of Greece for the 5th ECB Simulation Conference

With the 5th ECB Simulation Conference 2 days away from its start, we would like to warmly thank the institutions & supporters who contribute the most to its successful conduct for another year! We warmly thank #Bank_of_Greece, for its kind support at all levels of the conference as it stands by us from the planning to the implementation and hosting of this year’s conference.

At Keynote Speakers level, keynote speakers will give

  • the Governor of the BoG Mr. Ioannis Stournaras
  • the Director of Economic Analysis and Studies, Mr. Dimitris Malliaropoulos


A few words about the Bank of Greece:

The Bank of Greece is the central bank of the country.

It is an independent public authority: it ensures price stability, ie the control of inflation (price growth rate) and the stability and smooth operation of the financial system (banks, insurance companies, etc.)

Remaining institutionally and functionally independent, it is subject to the democratic control of Parliament.

The Bank of Greece is an integral part of the Eurosystem and participates with the other national central banks of the Eurozone and the European Central Bank in the formulation of the single monetary policy on the common currency.

The Bank of Greece is not a commercial bank. A citizen can not deposit his money, nor take a loan from it. In a sense, the Bank of Greece is the bank of the banks, that is, it accepts deposits from the commercial banks that operate in the country and lends money to them.

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