ESG Insights – Impactful Awareness

Get Involved in collaboration with Velos Advisory, a London-based, boutique consultancy on high-level corporate governance advisory, transactional execution and communications support, are launching the ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness initiative.

This initiative comprehensively reports on the most noteworthy developments on ESG issues and practices. Each issue will -briefly- include the most noteworthy developments of the past month, and its aims to assist in the educations and the familiarization of the public with the ESG.

ESG is emerging as a decisive parameter, in Europe as well as globally. ESG issues are now affecting governments, big and small firms, investors, and societies. In the past few years, various significant developments that have occurred in the ESG spectrum- such as the Agenda 2030, European Green Deal, and Paris Agreement- highlight the importance of taking into consideration ESG parameters, from various in their decision-making processes.


September Issue, 2021 – “A Guide to ESG – the new megatrend”

The ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness, is launched with an introductory issue that contains 29 ESG definitions and advancements. It focuses on the three pillars of ESG, (namely the Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars), as well as notable development in the ESG spectrum.

It is available in Greek as well as in English. The next issues will be focused, only, on ESG developments and will inform on the most noteworthy incidents in Greece and abroad.

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