Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies e-Workshop

Continuing its innovative educational events, Get Involved is happy to announce the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Workshop. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop is to be held online and will last two weeks. It will include six (6) lectures and workshops at the end of which the participants will submit brief thesis points. The program aims a comprehensive and intradisciplinary education on the technology of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Workshop has been designed for students and professionals explaining the topics in the syllabus simply and comprehensibly so that people from all educational backgrounds can participate. The program is a combination of lectures and workshops. In addition, the program will include the patrticipation and contribution of prominent academics specialized on Blockchain as well as people from the cryptocurrency market. Some of the participating spears are:

  1. MANOLIS TZAGARAKIS, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Patra
  2. MARIA TADULA, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of Patra
  3. JOANNA SARANDI, Associate Lawyer at Clifford Chance LUXEMBURG


Besides the lectures, which constitute the pillar of the program, the direct and active participation of the trainees is expected. The trainees will be asked to make their own research on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with the help of the program scientific team, as a capping stone of the whole educational procedure and effort.

The Blockchain and cryptocurrencies Workshop will last from Saturday March 27th to Sunday, April 4th.

The cost amounts to 100 euros. The program will be held on Polymnia, the digital platform of Get Involved.

Polymnia is a new interactive platform which was developed by Get Involved, where users create their personal profiles, connect to social media and post their own material.


The Syllabus

The syllabus of the program includes 8 interrelated topics, which cover a wide range of issues on Blockchain and on cryptocurrencies. Initially, the meaning of Blockchain, as a technology, as a means of recording transactions and its economic impact, is to be analyzed. Furthermore, the technical features of Blockchain will be explained and a comparison among the most popular and important cryptocurrencies will be made. Then, using economic theories and behavioral science, the significance of cryptocurrencies for the economy and for the society will be analyzed. The understanding of the above will lead to an in-depth analysis of the way transactions are carried out in the cryptocurrency market. Finally, the wide range of blockchain applications, which can result in important changes in the profile of numerous work-related fields, will be analyzed.


A few words on Blockchain technology

Since 2008, when Blockchain technology has entered our lives, it has had a significant impact on the way we conduct transactions and gather data. Upon adopting this technology, intermediaries for transactions have become not only superfluous but also inefficient. Blockchain is not only limited to traditional transactions as it is now also used, at a pilot stage, in neuralgic fields such as Health, Shipping and Law. Moreover, through Blockchain technology, the field of cryptocurrencies, which to date amounts 1.7 trillion dollars, has developed.  Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency, with a market share of about 61% is the most important cryptocurrency.

Besides the evolution of cryptocurrency market, this original technology will continue to play an important role in society. The Blockchain technology creates a network of trust, enabling individuals, companies, institutions and mechanisms to carry out transactions directly reliably and with almost no cost. At the blockchain At the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Workshop, you will have the chance to get informed and be trained on these contemporary and upcoming issues of economic technology and procedures.

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