University Insights: University Students talk about their faculties

University Insights: connecting secondary and tertiary education or else explaining university studies to highschool students from the point of view of undergraduates and graduates. 

Get Involved, which has been active in the field of experiential education in Greece since 2017 with a view to spreading economic education and with the support of various bodies such as the Department of Finance and Banking of Piraeus University and the Bank of Greece, chooses to invest in students.

Therefore, we : inform highschool students about the most important aspects  of each field of study which  are mentioned below encourage discussions between undergraduates, graduates and highschool students so as to answer their queries concerning their further education and career options present to the potential undergraduates the differences among departments which seem to offer the same studies present the career prospects following graduation to whom it may concern: University Insights addresses highschool students  individually or as groups in their school or coaching school. If you are interested in participating, you can communicate with us either by filling in the form-click here-or by sending us an email.

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