ECB Listens: 4th ECB Simulation Conference

On February 24th, 2020, the European Central Bank inaugurated the web portal “ECB Listens” in the context of reviewing its policy urging the public to express its views on different issues. The participants were asked to answer specific questions regarding four main questions:

  • What does the phrase price stability mean to you?
  • What are your economic expectations and concerns?
  • What other topics matter to you?
  • How can the ECB best communicate with you?


Get Involved following the proposal of the Bank of Greece decided to draft, on a voluntary basis, a holistic report on the issues exposed by the European Central Bank in the Fourth Simulation Conference of the ECB. The findings of “ECB Listens: 4th Simulation Conference of ECB” contain the views, ideas and knowledge of the participants. Moreover, whether and to what extent the participants’ views and the understanding regarding the functions of the ECB changed was assessed.

During the conference, the participants had the chance to take part in the calls of preparation with the Scientific Committee of the Conference, to process the study guides of the Simulation in detail and to attend ten speeches by experienced professionals and academics in the field of economics and banking and to discuss some of the problems faced by the ECB for more than two days.

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